Kokum butter extraction process!

Raw Kokum butter is a white coloured fat with a creamish yellow or at times even a slightly grey tint which is extracted by traditional rural/cottage industry sized oil mills. Kokum seeds are gathered from natural forest habitats. These seeds are decorticated by wooden mallets. The final product is obtained by crushing the kernels, boiling the pulp in water and skimming off the fat from the top or churning the crushed pulp with water. The idea here is to physically separate oil from water as these two liquids are immiscible. It’s a time consuming process and the yield in this case is only about 25% of raw Kokum butter. Therefore the production cost of raw Kokum butter remains high.

Raw Kokum butter suits those formulators who want to remain honest while marketing their natural products and their customers who appreciate the use of genuine and honest ingredients (natural smell, colour, properties) in the products they use!



Kokum seeds are collected from various rural sources close to the forest on a cooperative basis to produce Kokum butter!

Featured photograph: Clean and hulled Kokum seeds before being put through oil extractor.


Kokum seeds are gathered from various wild sources!
Kokum seeds (gathered from the forest)
Kokum seeds are cleaned in order to remove dust, dirt and foreign matter.
These seeds are dried in the sun to remove excess moisture.
Clean Kokum seeds
Dry Kokum seeds
Dry seeds are then hulled to expose kernels and shells.
These go through a process of winnowing to retain kernels where as seed shells are discarded.
Kernels and shells
Clean Kokum kernels
Clean Kokum kernels are boiled using a steam boiler.
These kernels are then sent to the oil-press to obtain Kokum oil
Wet Kokum kernels
Crude Kokum oil (precursor of Kokum butter)
Crude Kokum oil is heated to remove traces of moisture
This hot Kokum oil is physically filtered twice to remove scum, floating debris and heavier impurities.
Hot Kokum oil
Pure oil
Pure oil obtained after double filtration is cooled to create Kokum butter slabs and cubes of varying sizes and weights!
These cubes and slabs are packed in corrugated boxes


Our raw Kokum products are individually moulded into slabs and cubes which contain little or no moisture!

Featured photograph: Dry and cold Kokum butter being stuffed into our five kilogram wooden mould.

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