Frequently asked questions about Kokum butter

FAQ in general

  • Which part of India your raw Kokum butter is manufactured?
    Raw Kokum butter offered by us is manufactured in the Western Ghat region called Kokan in the State of Maharashtra. This is the only place where thanks to typical soil and climate the production of Kokum trees and fruits is the highest in India.
  • Is your Raw Kokum butter manufactured in a big factory having GMP, ISO and similar certifications?
    Not really! This is manufactured at the cottage industry type small size unit in a traditional way. All the primitive production processes are semi-mechanized and maximum hygienic & safety care is taken.
  • What does kokum butter smell like?
    It has earthy and fairly mild, nutty smell, characteristic to Raw Kokum Butter & has a dry, flaky consistency. It has much less natural odor than cocoa butter or other vegetable butters. Once you receive the package, kindly take it out of the box and unwrap it to release any unpleasant odours. Once it’s kept in the open for a few ours its characteristic earthy fragrance will prevail. Kindly note that raw Kokum butter has this smell (similar to that of dried kokum rind used for culinary purpose – but a lighter note of the same). Not to forget, our product is natural. It is not deodorized. Further, once you use this product as an ingredient in any of your cosmetics/skin care products, it’ll lose most of its characteristic smell and yet retain all of its healing properties.
  • Is this raw Kokum butter certified organic?
    No, it is not! All we state is that Kokum trees are grown in the forests and wild-lands where no chemical fertilizers reach. Secondly, we buy the seeds in bulk from certain collection centers which procure the same from various tribal people & villagers.
  • How does raw Kokum butter differs from chemically refined kokum butter?
    Raw Kokum Butter is the butter that is extracted and filtered so that kernel particles and impurities are taken out. Nothing is added to it. Hence it is offered in the way Mother Nature intended it to be used. On the other hand chemically refined Kokum Butter is neutralized, bleached, deodorized and sometimes modified with the help of chemicals and solvents. The traces of chemicals and solvents do remain in such refined kokum butter.
  • Why chemically refined Kokum butter is cheaper than raw Kokum butter?
    Raw Kokum butter extraction in traditional way is only 25% while yield with chemicals and solvent extraction is as high as 44%. Hence chemically refined Kokum butter is cheaper.
  • Why Kokum Butter?
    It has the ability to revitalize & soften skin and heal ulcerations of lips, hands and soles of feet. Kokum Butter helps reduce degeneration of the skin cells. It restores elasticity and regenerates skin.
  • How does Raw Kokum Butter work?
    Raw Kokum Butter being rich in fatty-acids and vitamin E – an antioxidant is easily absorbed in the skin. Unlike other oils and butters Raw Kokum Butter is non-comedogenic. Kokum butter acts as an effective moisturizer for the skin and hair. The essential fatty acids promote healthy, glowing skin and healthy, strong  hair. Kokum butter as a good source of antioxidants reduces free radicals.  It contains plenty of citric acid, malic acid, hydroxicitric acid, acetic acid and polyphenols. Vitamin B complexes, garcinol, magnesium, manganese and potassium are present in Kokum Butter. The cell oxygenation is enhanced due to essential fatty acids (omega’s 3, 6, and 9) present in it which are more bio available to human body. This is why nutrients from Kokum Butter are easily absorbed by skin. In case of other butters it does not happen so easily. Elasticity of skin as well as flexibility are improved by vitamin E found in Kokum butter. This proven ability to soften and heal cracked, chapped skin of the lips, hands and soles of the feet make Kokum Butter one of the choicest ingredients of the worldwide formulators.
  • How and why is Kokum butter used in India traditionally?
    People in India use Raw Kokum Butter in Neat form without any refining for generations due to its ability to revitalize & soften skin. Their experiential wisdom makes them strongly believe that Raw Kokum Butter which is high in vitamin E can heal ulcerations and fissures of lips, hands and soles of feet. Practitioners of ancient Ayurveda medicine use kokum butter to reduce deterioration and maintain elasticity of the skin, to treat sores, prevent infection and so on. They use it in healing skin ailments such as rashes, burns, skin allergies, as well as an aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, chapped, dry skin, as an aid to improve the hydration barrier atop the dermal layers of skin. 
  • Should we strain the raw Kokum Butter prior to incorporating it into the soap for infants, or can it be just melted and used?
    In general our Kokum butter can be just melted and used. However, it would be advisable to strain the melted butter through muslin or equivalent cloth when the butter is to be used for soaps for infants in particular. You may use your own filtering material available.
  • Can ‘NEAT’ Raw Kokum Butter be applied direct to skin?
    Yes. This is one of the best ways to obtain and offer all special benefits of natural kokum butter to the skin. Melt Raw Kokum Butter in micro wave or on hot plate. Gently rub slightly melted Raw Kokum Butter (oil) directly on the skin. This butter absorbs into skin very quickly, making skin very soft. It has no greasiness or sticky sensations and it provides better spreadability.
  • Is Raw Kokum butter hard butter or soft butter?
    This is one of the hardest butters.
  • What about solubility & insolubility of Raw Kokum butter?
    Soluble in: Vegetable Oil (hot), Cosmetic Esters (hot) | Insoluble in: Water
  • Is Raw Kokum Butter suitable for applications in skin as well as hair products?
    Raw Kokum Butter is suitable in both the products as it is very effective in skin as well as hair care.
  • Does kokum butter clog pores?
    Raw Kokum Butter does not clog pores. It is non-comedogenic.
  • What about quantity to be ordered, prices and discounts?
    – Prices of home delivery of orders up to 10kg are shown on the web shop.

    – Kindly check the rates with us for bigger quantities up to 100kg. We shall inform you the rates of home delivery by air as well as rates up to nearest airport (by air) or sea port ( by sea)if so required.
    – Further we recommend delivery by sea freight for the orders bigger than 100kg, though price by air will be sent to you for your decision making.
    – On deliveries above 1MT we deliver 5% extra material as discount.

  • How will I know if my order has been received?
    On receiving your order we shall immediately send confirmatory email manually to you stating when the delivery would be made.
  • Do you offer tracking on orders?
    Yes, we send you consignment note number of Fedex. You can track the movement of the parcel at
  • How can a cancel my order?
    You cannot cancel the order once placed. However you can amend your order by email.
  • What credit cards are accepted on your site?
    We accept all major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress etc. and even local debit cards depending on the country from where you will be ordering, which are supported by our universal Paypal payment processing gateway. If at all your card is not being accepted, kindly contact us here!
  • Is it safe to use my credit card?
    All your credit card information will be exclusively and securely passed through Paypal’s payment processing gateway. will not be included in the flow of this transmission of information until we receive a confirmation of your order and the payment that was made. You can pay securely and safely without having to worry about sending credit card information through many portals.
  • Who can I contact if I have questions about credit charges, order status, or returns and refunds?
    Our payment process will not levy any additional charges to the base prices of our products. Orders once placed take around a day or two to process and about four working days to reach their final destination. All deliveries are made by Fedex and we will send over their package tracking code as soon as the delivery is sent out from our offices in India. We are not currently offering returns or refunds at the stage of smaller orders.
  • What is the shelf life of raw Kokum butter? Any tips on storage?
    Raw Kokum butter can last for upto two years with proper storage in cool dry pace away from direct sun. Never wrap Raw Kokum butter in plastic. Let it remain in corrugated boxes, wrapped in craft paper. Keep in ventilated place away from heat.
  • What care has to be taken while using raw Kokum butter?
    Raw Kokum butter is quite harmless material. However we advise users to study MSDS given in the website.
  • Are your products safe for pets?
    Raw Kokum butter is 100% natural and is meant for external use only when used as it is or in skin & hair care products. We have never tested this on animals. So you may please contact your veterinarian before using raw Kokum Butter on your pet or if your pet has ingested a product.
  • At best, Name a few famous and successful international skin & hair care brands using Kokum Butter.
    Almost all the natural skincare and hair care products of prestigious brands successfully use kokum butter in lip balms, body butters, lotions, hair conditioners & shaving soaps. Use of Kokum Butter in any which way by anybody ultimately directly uplifts the cottage industries located in our native place involved in this trade of supply of Raw Kokum butter. This place happens to be the only authentic source of Raw Kokum Butter supply to the whole world. We tender our sincere thanks to all the small formulators as well as big brand owners of skin & hair care products, for trusting and promoting kokum butter.



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