Kokum butter testimonials!

I received my order today and I would like to thank you for such fast delivery and your wonderful professionalism.  The butter is absolutely beautiful and pure.  I am extremely satisfied with your service and I look forward to doing business with your company in the near future.

Brooke McRuffin

I used the raw kokum butter in my formulation today and found the results to be superior.  I admire how well filtered it is, which allows you to deliver product with the ultimate therapeutic integrity! I’m sure we will be doing business in the future!

Alec Whitehouse

I am from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. I have a small home based business and I make all natural home made skin care products. I ordered a 10 kg box of your raw Kokum butter, I can not tell you how excited I was to receive this box of beautiful butter. WOW!!! I am so impressed by the wonderful quality and the smoothness of the product, I love the earthy organic smell and how it makes your skin feel, not greasy this is for sure. I have ordered Kokum butter before but it was always refined, which I do not want anything to do with. I wanted to say thank you for such a beautifully crafted product, and I am now a permanent customer of yours. I pride myself on using the best quality products in my recipes and you have it. Thank
you again so much I am truly a happy customer, look forward to my next purchase with you. Thank you all for putting so much care into this wonderful product, you can see and feel the impeccable quality!!!! Best wishes to you from the Maritimes in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lorey Brown

This is quite possibly the coolest presentation I’ve seen of all wildcrafted products. Kudos to the team behind this project. I’ve ordered your butters thrice to be used as ingredients in my soaps and creams and I must confess there is no alternative which even comes close to the quality of product you have on your hands. I want to say – stay natural and follow this path no matter how difficult the journey gets. We are here to support you so that the whole world can enjoy these butters in their purest forms.

A. Robinson


Kokum butter that we ordered was delivered in less than four days! It was freshly manufactured with a sweet aroma of nascent oil. We have passed it on to our laboratory and received favourable results! Thank you for providing such a unique service to formulators like us. Will surely order more cubes and will definitely keep writing more Kokum butter testimonials!

Trusova Alexandrovna

We at our research corporation are regular users of ‘Garcinia Indica Seed butter’ and ‘Calophyllum Inophyllum oil’ which we have procured from Keynote International. The results of these products in our research are extremely satisfying. Needless to state the service rendered by their team has been excellent indeed. Thank you!

Supriya N. Bobade

The typical smell of the butter may be out putting a bit to some persons as it is not like other butters but personally I liked it as for me the earthy fragrance becomes the 1st choice. I should appreciate that you have not made any efforts to change or improve the natural smell.

Chris R.

When I received Raw Kokum Butter from you I had some anxiety as it was the first time I was not purchasing from an intermediary trader or a stockist. Buying such a small quantity of 5kg directly from the producer was a great idea indeed.  I wish you all the best!

Vincy Krishnan


As suggested by villagers,  now even our customers have realized the benefits of using Kokum butter as is without any dilution!

Featured photograph: Hot Kokum oil being cooled in large containers. On cooling, this oil turns into its solid state known as Kokum butter!


Last couple of years I used many brands available in the market to get cured my problem of cracks on feet but of no avail. I therefore bought Raw Kokum Butter Cubes after reading about it on Kokumbutter.net and applied the same neat for 20 days. I did not warm it up but gently rubbed it as it is on the affected area. Butter almost melted after getting in touch with my skin. Trust me, after two days I felt softness on my feet and I could see marked improvement in one weeks time. I am pleased to inform you that within two weeks there was no sign of the cracks. All cracks literally patched up. This raw butter is some medicinal magic, really. I thought I should share my experience with all those suffering like me. Hence this feedback. Thanks a lot for bringing this product in the market.

Mrs. Shalini Diwanji

As our individual requirement of Kokum Butter was very small, we three friends decided to purchase your 5kg box (containing 10 cubes weighing slightly more than 1lb each). It was so handy to use one cube at a time and get the desired portion cut from the same. Thanks for thinking on behalf of small formulators like us. I suggest other distributors too should keep such small units in stock for simpler and easier dispensation of 1 cube of say 1lb or so. I remember before I made purchases from kokumbutter.net we used to get similar material in various sizes varying from lumps to powder, making it so difficult to use.

Sandy Mishra

Before making my new whipped body butter I was doubtful about the inclusion of this kokum butter due to its harsh smell. I, therefore tested it in a small quantity and was satisfied that the butter melts well along with its smell very homogeneously in the other ingredient-mix made of Almond Oil, Beeswax etc. I suppose this is a very unique quality of raw kokum butter.  It is a wonderful treat for dry skin as it reinvigorates the skin cells. I shall use this body butter for next 2 years safely.

Sharon Gonsalvez

I asked my doctor to suggest me some effective ointment or cream to be applied to my palms which had become dry-skinned and developed cracks as a side effect of the treatment I was undergoing for one dreaded illness. Dried and stiff skin flakes used to pierce like a needle during each small bend or move of palms. He recommended some creams which offered me temporary relief but not the cure. One day my neighbor directed me to Kokumbutter.net.
I cut a small piece from the cube and converted it into oil as shown in the website. (Thanks for guidance). I applied the oil to my palms with figures for 15 days. From 3rd to 7th day I could feel the improvement in the condition of palms and by 12th day both the palms had fully recovered, became soft with cracks and peeled of skin totally disappeared. There are no signs of what had happened to my palms. This is something more than I had asked for.
I shall never forget this favor..

Manisha Kadam

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