Our “Natural” Kokum butter!

We are extremely proud to be one of the very few firms working with rural cooperatives in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India to encourage and promote production of 100% natural raw unrefined Kokum butter extracted solely using physical extraction methods. We reiterate, our products are extracted without the use of solvents! Our product can be safely classified as raw unrefined Kokum butter which is left unbleached and non-deodorized.

These methods had been the mainstay of the rural Indian oil extraction industry for decades until recently when market pressure to produce chemically refined butters pushed them to the precipice of extinction.


Our project has been successful in reviving and revitalizing the process of manufacturing Kokum butter in the traditional way!

Featured photograph: Dry hulled Kokum seeds just before being hulled again to ensure complete separation of the outer husk!.


Traditional vs Chemical process

The easiest and the most popular way of extracting this oil is by refining the Kokum kernels using chemical processes of neutralization, bleaching and deodorization. Upto 44% Butter can be extracted from kernels using chemical solvents making it cheaper for industrial use (bath & beauty industry). Since extraction of Kokum oil in this way is a chemical process, Kokum butter prepared from this oil no matter how well refined it is, ceases to be a 100% natural product. Moreover, when such chemically processed Kokum butter is used in cosmetics, soaps and even edibles, the end product isn’t 100% natural either! Growing demands of bleaching and deodorization coupled with a constant pressure to produce more at cheap prices have pushed most oil extractors into harnessing quick and easy chemical extraction methods.



We’ve created our products keeping in mind honest formulators who want their formulas to bear the “100% natural” label!

Featured photograph: Refined hot Kokum oil being separated into smaller utensils which will then be cooled over a period of 20-22 hours.


Our pledge!

Although many oil mills are turning to chemical extraction as their primary method to extract oils; we promise to make our product accessible even if it is manufactured in limited quantities and at higher costs of production compared to mass produced chemically refined Kokum butter variants that are readily available in the market.


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